Frank Rietkerk

Frank Rietkerk
Head of Life Sciences
Impressive and Relevant Achievements: As CVO of the King Khalid Wildlife Rescue Centre in Saudi Arabia, Frank worked at eradicating tuberculosis from herds of Arabian Oryx and Gazelles and releasing them to the wild. Designing and building Gaia Zoo in Netherlands by organizing its entire animal collection. Being a member of the EAZA Executive Committee for 9 years, he built a stronger and more professional zoo community.
Goals and Aspirations: Frank aspires to make Dubai Safari park a member of EAZA and a leader in creating a strong and professional zoo community in the UAE. He aims to create more awareness of animal welfare and wildlife welfare. Refining Dubai Safari’s animal collection with more emphasis on sustainability, visitor appeal and conservation value.
Favourite animal and why: Frank’s favorite animal is the Octopus. He saw a documentary “My Octopus Teacher”. They seem to be from another world but surprisingly, live in ours or we live in theirs.
Personal interest in your free time: He loves spending his free time birdwatching, gardening and keeping up with friends and family back in Netherlands.
One interesting fact about you: He is a warm and friendly person.