Mohammad Ali Reza Khan

Mohammad Ali Reza Khan
Conservation Specialist
Impressive and Relevant Achievements: Assisting Dubai Safari Park in transforming the half a century old Dubai Zoo to Dubai Safari Park to alleviate the lots of the confiscated wild animals housed in 1950’s idea-based cement-concrete walled up Dubai Zoo. Received Mubarak Bin Nahyan Award from the Emirates Natural History Group for the conservation works in the UAE. Dubai Municipality published 3 books, in Arabic and English, covering Birds of Dubai, Wild Cats of the UAE and the Indigenous Trees of the UAE. Received National Awards in Bangladesh for the wildlife conservation. Got lifetime achievement awards in Dubai and in Bangladesh from the press and NGOs.
Goals and Aspirations: Promoting Dubai Safari Park as an international hub for Wildlife Conservation. Incorporated 100s of trees, green scape and waterbodies that had already attracted over 125 species birds against 460 species recorded for the whole of the UAE. Engaged in conducting wildlife research in and outside Dubai Safari Park, and the whole of the UAE for the conservation of wildlife.
Favourite animal and why: My favourite animal is Gorilla. Both gorillas of Dubai Safari Park Digit (male) and Diana (female) came to Dubai Zoo as confiscated orphans, we took care to keep them healthy and I had a very good bond with them.
Personal interest in your free time: Bird watching, enjoying wildlife documentaries and writing books.
One interesting fact about you: Prior to joining the Al Ain Zoo and Aquarium as a curator of birds and primates in December 1983 (Dubai zoo in 1989), I was into teaching and did not prefer working in the zoo industry. However, after working in this field for nearly four decades I have now a niche for myself adopting the conservation role of zoo and safari through field research and disseminating the knowledge for the members of the public.