Arabian Desert Safari

Arabian Desert Safari is a drive-through attraction, inspired by the vast deserts of Western Asia. Adorned with emblematic species of the Arabian Peninsula, this adventure brings the historic nomadic desert of the Arabian Peninsula to life.

Hero Animal

  • Arabian Wolf

Arabian Wolf

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Common Name

Arabian Wolf

Scientific Name

Canis Lupus Arabs

The Arabian Wolf is a subspecies of the gray wolf, which lives on the Arabian Peninsula. It is the smallest species of wolf. It is adapted to desert life and normally lives in small groups. Arabian Wolves do not usually live in large packs, and instead hunt in pairs or in groups of about three or four animals. Mainly carnivorous, they feed on hares, rodents, small ungulates, cats, sweet fruits, roadkill and other carrion. Because Arabian Wolves have been known to attack and eat any domestic animals up to the size of a goat, Bedouins and farmers often shoot them on sight, or poison or trap them.

Native animals

  • Arabian Oryx
  • Addax
  • Arabian gazelle
  • Sand gazelle
  • Mountain gazelle
  • Scimitar-horned Oryx