General Park Information

  • Can I access the trains inside the park?
    The train service to move between the villages of the park is accessible only for guests holding PLUS tickets (available only through online bookings). Additionally, POD guests can access to our trains by presenting the POD tickets at each station.

  • Is there a specific dress code to enter the park ?
    It is recommended to use comfortable clothing and shoes for a more enjoyable experience. Dubai Safari Park is a government entity and a family environment. The use of respectful clothing is required at all times within the park facilities (shoulders and knees should be covered). Guests who do not comply with the dress code may be stopped at the entrance of the park and asked to cover up.

  • Can Dubai Safari Park host my event(s)?
    Guests interested in organizing events at Dubai Safari Park should submit their request via email at dssupport@dubaisafari.ae.

  • I have lost one item during my tour inside the park. Who should I contact for assistance?
    You can approach our guest service team at the reception area of the park or send an email to our support team at dssupport@dubaisafari.ae.

  • Can I bring my own food and drinks and consume them inside the park?
    Only food and drinks purchased from our F&B outlets can be consumed within the park premises.

  • How long does it take to visit the whole park?
    The duration of the visit may vary according to the rhythm of the guests and activities selected along the day. On average, our visitors may take 4 to 5 hours touring inside the park.

  • Can I bring my own stroller or wheelchair into the park ?
    Yes, you may bring your own stroller or wheelchair into the park. However, if you are taking our transportation, please note that you will need to fold the stroller before boarding the vehicles.

  • How should I proceed if I have animals for donation?
    You can send an email to dssupport@dubaisafari.ae and our animal care team will provide you with specific guidelines for the procedure.

  • What is Dubai Safari Park doing to protect guests, employees and animals during Covid-19 pandemic?
    Dubai Safari Park team has enhanced the Health & Safety protocols according to the requirements of Dubai Health Authoritiy in order to ensure a safe environment to our guests, employees and animals:
    • Enhanced cleaning procedures have been implemented as door handles, surfaces and vehicles are constantly sanitized.
    • Limited capacity has been applied to our park vehicles, indoor attractions and closed facilities.
    • Hand sanitizers stands and dispensers are available throughout the park.
    • Social distancing of two meters between people and use of mask are enforced with stickers and signage placed in the park areas to guide and remind our guests during the visits.
    • Disposable masks are available for sale in our shops for those in need.
    • Contactless payment is available in our shops, counters and food and beverage outlets.

  • Do you have lockers or a place where I can keep my luggage during my tour in the park?
    Dubai Safari Park does not offer locker service. However, you can approach our guest service team at the reception area and they can keep your items in a safe place while you complete your tour inside the park.

  • Does Dubai Safari Park offer volunteer opportunites?
    Guests interested in volunteering at Dubai Safari Park should keep tuned to our official website and social media accounts. Any updates will be posted in these platforms.

  • Who should I contact for organizing a school or group visit?
    Questions and requests related to school or group visits should be submitted to the email dssupport@dubaisafari.ae.

  • Who should I contact in case of investments or business opportunities in Dubai Safari Park?
    Questions, requests and proposals related to investments or business opportunities should be submitted to the email dssupport@dubaisafari.ae.

Tickets and booking procedures

  • What is the difference between Park Entrance and Safari Journey tickets?
    Guests with Park Entrance tickets can access all the villages of the park, except one attraction, the Safari Journey – a 35-40 minutes drive-thru experience located at the Explorer Village.
    Guests with Safari Journey tickets can access all the villages of the park, including the Safari Journey attraction.

  • Can I get an upgrade my Park Entrance ticket to Safari Journey tickets?
    You may be able to upgrade your Park Entrance tickets to Safari Journey tickets for an additional fee of AED 50 per adult and AED 20 per child. These upgrades are subject to availability.

  • What does PLUS ticket(s) mean ?
    PLUS tickets holders have access to our trains services and reserved seats to our live shows. The Park Entrance PLUS and Safari Journey PLUS tickets are limited and available through online bookings.

  • I booked my tickets through the website and I haven’t received my online confirmation or E-tickets. What should I do ?
    Occasionally, your email client may direct certain types of emails to the ‘spam’ and ‘junk’ folders. If that is not the case, please contact our support team at dssupport@dubaisafari.ae or call us on 800 900.

  • My booking failed during the order process and it seems the money was deducted from my bank account. What should I do ?
    Please check your email for a confirmation of your booking. If you have not receive your e-tickets within 24 hours, please contact our support team at dssupport@dubaisafari.ae or call us on 800 900.

  • I booked my ticket(s) to Dubai Safari Park through a third party vendor. Can you help me?
    Guests who booked ticket(s) through third party vendors should contact them directly for assistance.

  • Do I have to print my ticket(s) at home or can I use my e-ticket(s)?
    You can use your e-ticket(s) for admission at turnstiles of the park, printed tickets are not necessary. However, make sure the barcodes are displayed clearly in your mobile device.

  • Can I cancel and/or get refund on my booking?
    According to the ticketing terms and conditions, cancelling or getting a refund on tickets and packages are not available. In addition, change of dates for tickets and packages are not available.