General Park Information

  • How long does it take to go through Dubai Safari Park?
    Visitors can spend the whole day enjoying activities at the park.  The duration of the visit may vary according to the rhythm of the guests and activities selected during the day. On average, our visitors may take 4 to 5 hours touring inside the park.

  • Can we bring food and drinks?
    The visitor can purchase food and drinks from the F&B outlets which can be consumed within the park premises.

  • What am I not allowed to bring to Dubai Safari Park?
    The visitors are not allowed to bring balloons, food from outside to feed the animals, Recreational devices such as drones, remote-control toys, skateboards, scooters, inline skates, bicycles, or shoes with built-in wheels.

  • Is our ticket good for more than 1 day?
    All tickets and private tour packages are valid for the same day.

  • Are pets allowed?
    Pets are not allowed in Dubai Safari Park. Only service animals are allowed in the park.

  • Are you open in the summer?
    Dubai Safari Park is closed from June to September because it is very hot for the animals to be on display. We do run limited summer packages during July and August. Check out our Instagram page for regular updates.

  • Do your hours vary during the year?
    Dubai Safari Park operates from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm every day.

  • Is smoking or vaping allowed in the park?
    Due to animal welfare, smoking or vaping is allowed in designated areas inside the park.
  • Do you have a membership program or annual pass?
    We are working on introducing a membership program, so keep an eye on our Instagram page for more information.
  • Do you have volunteer/internship programs?
    Dubai Safari Park are currently working on rolling out a volunteer/internship program for animal enthusiasts to participate.
  • Do you offer a corporate employee discount?
    You may email your queries to our support team at dssupport@dubaisafari.ae.
  • What package do you have that offers interactions with animals?
    Visitors can book the Behind-the-Scenes package that allows them interaction with animals such as Lemurs, Elephants, Rhinos and many more. The packages must be booked 3 days in advance. Visitors can also feed Giraffes and Birds while visiting the park.
  • What should I wear to Dubai Safari Park?
    It is recommended to wear comfortable clothing and shoes for a more enjoyable experience. Dubai Safari Park is a government entity and a family environment. The use of respectful clothing is required within the park facilities (shoulders and knees should be covered). Guests who do not comply with the dress code may be stopped at the entrance of the park and asked to cover up.
  • Does the Zoo have strollers and wheelchairs?
    Dubai Safari Park has strollers and wheelchairs available for rent. Alternatively, you may bring your own stroller or wheelchair into the park. However, if you are taking our transportation, please note that you will need to fold the stroller before boarding the vehicles.
  • Are drones allowed?
    Drones are not allowed within the park to ensure the safety of guests and employees, protect the park's daily operations, and respect the privacy of guests.
  • When is the best time to visit Dubai Safari Park?
    The best time to visit Dubai Safari Park is from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm or 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm.
  • What is your photo and video policy?
    Flash photography is not allowed. Special permission is required for photos and videos required for commercial or media purposes.
  • Do you have a lost and found?
    Yes, we have a lost and found section. You can approach our guest service team at the reception area of the park or send an email to our support team at dssupport@dubaisafari.ae.
  • Can I drop my kids at Dubai Safari Park?
    Children between 3 to 12 years must be accompanied by an adult. Dubai Safari Park does not bear the responsibility of taking care of the child.
  • I have a question about the zoo, who can I contact?
    You may email your queries to our support team at dssupport@dubaisafari.ae.
  • Can Dubai Safari Park host my event(s)?
    Visitors interested in organizing events at Dubai Safari Park should submit their request via email at dssupport@dubaisafari.ae.
  • Do you have lockers or a place where I can keep my luggage during my tour at the park?
    Dubai Safari Park does not offer locker service. You may approach our guest service team at the reception area, and they can keep your items in a safe place while you complete your tour inside the park.
  • Who should I contact in case of investments or business opportunities in Dubai Safari Park?
    Questions, requests, and proposals related to investments or business opportunities should be submitted to the email dssupport@dubaisafari.ae.




  • Do you offer any collaboration with schools? 
    Yes, we do collaborate with schools. We have a variety of programs in which we can support the school’s curriculum and extra-curricular activities. Our curriculum-based program is based on the UAE Ministry of Education curriculum.
  • What Educational Programs can you offer schools?
    We offer the below programs:
    1- Education Package: Schools may visit Dubai Safari Park through a self-guided tour for the schools. Special Workshops can be provided for small groups of 30-50 students.
    2- Outreach programs: In this program we visit the school. We can do a talk or a small workshop with the topic of sustainability, conservation or a topic based on their curriculum.
    3- In-House Educational Workshops: In-house workshops are available at different times throughout the year in the park. Schools are more than welcome to join the workshops.
  • For what age/grade level are your educational programs designed?
    Our educational programs are designed for all ages and all grade levels.
  • Can you do school visits?
    Schools may contact our education team to arrange this program on info@dubaisafaripark@dm.gov.ae
  • How many students can you accept during one visit? 
    For the Education package, depending on the school’s requirements, we have different capacities. Contact our education team on info@dubaisafaripark@dm.gov.ae and we recommend the best package for the school according to the numbers of students.
  • What is the average cost for your educational package?
    Our entrance fee for schools will depend on the package that they will take. The packages are as follow:

    Price for School Students under 12 years old:
    Park Entrance Tickets: 20 AED / student
    Safari Journey Tickets: 30 AED / student

    Price for School Students under 12 years old:
    Park Entrance Tickets: 30 AED / student
    Safari Journey Tickets: 65 AED / student

    For special workshops, the price will depend on the requirements of the school. However, if there are in-house workshops being conducted at the park during the visit, schools can participate for free.

  • Are schools able to create long-term collaborations with your institution?
    We can create long-term collaborations with the school. We have our School Club Outreach Program. It is a program where we collaborate with a school club that aligns with our park’s educational vision and mission. We can offer a lot of value to the school clubs that can support their club objectives. Contact our education team on info@dubaisafaripark@dm.gov.ae to discuss more about this collaboration.

  • Are any materials provided for students during the programs?
    We can provide worksheets for teachers for their visit to Dubai Safari Park on the Education Package. We also provide curriculum-based worksheets for the teachers to incorporate in their classrooms.

  • Where can I find the schedule of the in-house educational workshops of Dubai Safari Park?
    The schedule of our in-house educational workshops will be available on our social media and website.

  • How can visitors and guests participate in sustainability initiatives in the park?
    Dubai Safari Park advocates for environmental sustainability. We have a variety of in-house educational workshops available throughout the year for schools and guests which focus on the topic of climate change and environmental sustainability. A special sustainability themed workshop or talks can be organized for our education packages, as well as outreach programs. We reach out not just to schools, but to everyone to be actively involved in this program. Contact our education team on info@dubaisafaripark@dm.gov.ae to discuss more about our sustainability initiatives and how you can be involved.

  • Who should schools and/or parents contact if they’re interested in attending your educational program?
    Schools can contact the Dubai Safari Park Education Team:  on info@dubaisafaripark@dm.gov.ae or 04-7772048



  • Does any of your interaction involve big cats or apes?
    None of our interactions involve big cats or apes.

  • Which animals are involved in the behind-the-scenes package?
    The animals involved in the behind-the-scenes package are: African Elephants, White Rhinoceros, Giraffe, Ring-tailed Lemur, some lizards, snakes, birds, and small mammals.
  • Are any interactions suitable for people of determination?
    Most of the interactions (presentations and animal feedings) are suitable for people of determination.
  • What do you do with your animals during the summer?
    Most of the animals are confined early before their habitats become too hot. For the desert species, they stay in their habitats the whole day. The animal care team prepares many enrichments for the animals to deal with the heat. Various cooling systems such as AC and misting systems are available around the animal areas to help combat the summer heat.
  • Are there any interactions that are suitable for kids under 12 years old?
    All the animal interactions are suitable for kids from 3 years old and above.
  • Why is flash photography not allowed?
    Dubai Safari Park recommends limiting the use of flash in areas with inadequate light such as the Reptile House or on animals that are in very close range. Flash photography may be used when ambient light conditions are adequate. Using the flashlight with wildlife may impact the behavioral response of the animal in question.
  • I found an injured/orphaned/abandoned animal, what do I do?
    If the injured/orphaned/abandoned animal found is within the Dubai Safari Park premises, you may report it to any of the staff on ground. If the animal is found outside of the DSP premises, you may report to any of the staff or call helpline: 800900.
  • Why are the Lions always sleeping?
    Lions are known to spend up to 21 hours a day resting and sleeping – they do this to preserve their energy and be able to use it when hunting for prey.
  • Why is the Gorilla alone?
    Most Silverbacks can live in solitary for months or even years spending this time to grow in strength and confidence. They bide their time hanging close to a group, attracting females to start a family group of its own. In some circumstances, the lone silverbacks may also take over the group if the alpha male is weak or old.
  • Why do you keep your Chimpanzees and Gorilla indoors?
    Both Gorilla and Chimpanzees have indoor habitats to allow them to cool off during the hottest parts of the day. When the weather is favorable, they spend most of their time in their outdoor habitats. The animal care team provides enrichments in their outdoor habitats when they are indoors to keep them active.
  • What do you do if there is an injured animal in your habitat?
    Depending on the type of injury, the animals are confined to separate the injured individual from the group. The rest of the group are sent back to their habitats. 
  • Do you sell your animals?
    We do not sell our animals. Most of our animals are acquired through exchanges with accredited zoos for breeding and conservation purposes.
  • Can we touch the animals?
    The interactions with animals are included in the animal encounters and behind the scenes packages.
  • Can we feed the animals?
    There are also number of animals that can be fed, these are the ones that are included in the animal encounters and behind the scenes packages.
  • How should I proceed if I have animals for donation?
    You can send an email to dssupport@dubaisafari.ae and our animal care team will provide you with specific guidelines for the procedure.